7 reasons why you should update your website

03.12.2018, 09:30
It doesn't matter what type of business you do or even if your business is small or big. Your website is important to engage with your customers and engage with new ones. Even if you run a storefront business it is important to have a website as many people will find you online before coming to y... Weiterlesen

Page Speed equals better ranking?

03.09.2018, 16:26
Search engine optimisation is way more than just using adapted keywords, descriptions, titles or even readable URLs. As written in a previous post about SSL certificates in Chrome browsers, HTTPS connections, similar to page speed, are factors which probably aren’t that obvious to take into con... Weiterlesen

Google removed the URL submission tool

01.08.2018, 14:50
Google decided to remove the public URL submission tool that allowed to add any website to Google's index. Instead, Google now advises using the Search Console. Site owners can add up to 10 new URLs per day, but crawling or re-crawling the site is neither immediate nor guaranteed. However, in co... Weiterlesen

Web design using relevant images

19.07.2018, 17:47
Relevant and carefully selected images play an important role for websites. Not only do they relax text blocks, they also attract the reader's attention. Images can also provide additional information about the text, the person or the entire company in the form of diagrams, pictorial explanations... Weiterlesen

Chrome starts labeling HTTP sites as "Not Secure"

29.06.2018, 17:27
In less than one month from today, on July 23, Google will start prominently labeling any website loaded in Chrome without HTTPS as "Not Secure". The various browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari, already flag HTTP connections as "Not Secure" if forms or login pages are used on the curren... Weiterlesen