Web design using relevant images

19/07/2018, 17:47
Relevant and carefully selected images play an important role for websites. Not only do they relax text blocks, they also attract the reader's attention. Images can also provide additional information about the text, the person or the entire company in the form of diagrams, pictorial explanations or even simple photos.
Web pages, regardless of their audience or scope, should not be optimized for a predefined screen size. However, responsive pages that adapt to the screen size are not enough: the images used should not necessarily be uploaded and displayed in full resolution. The higher the resolution, the longer the load times will take; This plays an important role, especially for mobile devices using the mobile internet connection. In contrast, high-resolution images are needed again as soon as the page uses the full width of a 4K screen and should be displayed in good quality.

Finding the golden cut is not necessarily easy, but in some cases several images for an element must be deposited in order to achieve the optimum result. In that case, depending on the screen size, a different picture with different resolution will be displayed.

Images, as well as other media, such as videos, should not be presented in abundance on the website. If these media are not compressed in any way, or videos are played back as soon as the page is loaded, even during autoplay, the load time will increase dramatically, and mobile devices will quickly lose their available data volume. As webmasters of a website you should therefore deal with how many and which media must be positioned and how to make the website as interesting and simple as possible for the visitor.

Very popular are so-called stock images, ie images which may be used either for a fee or for free. Even if using these photos save time or money, you always have to be aware that theoretically other webmasters have exactly the same idea. So it might be possible, that other websites will use the exact same images, and the web pages may not offer the visitor anything special or interesting to the eye anymore. A unique selling point is given only with own, funny, exciting or interesting, pictures and graphics.

Well-chosen and unique images can positively influence the website and arouse the interest of the visitor faster. 

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