Google removed the URL submission tool

01/08/2018, 14:50
Google decided to remove the public URL submission tool that allowed to add any website to Google's index.

Instead, Google now advises using the Search Console. Site owners can add up to 10 new URLs per day, but crawling or re-crawling the site is neither immediate nor guaranteed. However, in contrast to the public submission tool, adding a website now requires ownership of the domain.
When you add new pages to your site, they do not necessarily have to be added manually through the Search Console. 

To get new content indexed faster by Google, keep in mind the following:
  • Sitemaps should contain all the pages of your website. It makes it easier for search engines to find your new content without having to re-crawl your entire website
  • New content, especially blog articles, should be available via RSS feeds and accessible to crawlers
  • Link the new content from prominent pages of your website

If you need help to complete Google’s index of the pages on your website, feel free to contact us.

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